Top 8 Authors Like James Patterson

James Brendan Patterson is an American writer of suspense and thriller novels. He is majorly famous for his Alex Cross series, Women’s Murder Club series, Michael Bennett series and Maximum Ride series. Over 300 million copies of his books are sold till yet and he holds the Guinness World Record for becoming the first person whose 1 million e-books are sold. Since 1976, Patterson has writer 147 novels while 114 New York Times bestselling novels are on his credit. Following is a list of few other writers somewhat similar to James Patterson.

1- Michael Connelly

Michael Connelly

He is an American author having written the famous “Harry Bosch” series. Michael Connelly and “Harry Bosch” became the center of limelight in 1994 when US President Bill Clinton was seen by the cameras coming out of a bookstore with a copy of “The Concrete Blonde” in his hand. “Jack McEvoy” is another one of Michael Connelly’s famous protagonist featured in the book “The Poet”. Novels written by Michael Connelly have won almost every major award that can be given to mystery and suspense writers.

2- Robert Crais

Robert Crais

Robert is an American writer of detective and suspense thrill genre. His famous novels include “The Monkey’s Raincoat”, “Stalking the Angel”, “Lullaby Town”, “Free Fall”, “Voodoo River” and “Taken”. The list of his books is long so as the achievements earned by the books.

3- Tess Gerritsen

Tess Gerritsen

She is a retired physician and novelist who is the child of a Chinese immigrant and a Chinese-American chef. Gerritsen while growing up dreamt to write her own “Nancy Drew” novels. Her family had reservations about her career as a writer due to sustainability of a writing career and that is why she chose a career in medicine but she never gave up on her dream. Her famous books include “Call After Midnight”, “Under the Knife”, “Never Say Die”, “Harvest”, “Life Support”, “Last to Die” and “Die Again”.

4- Greg Iles

Greg Iles


Greg Iles is an American writer who was born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1960. He was part of band Frankly Scarlet for some years and acted as singer, guitarist and songwriter in the band. After getting married, he left the band and started a writing career. His first novel “Spandau Phoenix” was a thriller featuring Nazi war criminal named “Rudolf Hess”. His other novels include “Black Cross”, “Mortal Fear”, “The Quiet Game”, “24 Hours” and many others. His upcoming novel “Unwritten Laws” is expected to complete in 2017.

5- Jefferson Parker

Jefferson Parker

Jefferson Parker was born in Los Angeles, California and he has live his whole life in Southern California. The “T” in his name has no meaning but his mother thought it will look good on presidential letterhead. Some of the famous novels by Jefferson Parker include Charlie Hood series and Merci Rayborn series. His standalone novels include Full Measure, The Fallen, Silent Joe, Where Serpents Lie and Laguna Heat.

6- Richard North Patterson

Richard North Patterson

Richard North Patterson is an American writer whose first novel “The Lasko Tangent” won him an Edgar Allan Poe Award in 1979. He has a long list of published novels but some of the latest ones include “Eden in Winter”, “Loss of Innocence”, “Fall From Grace” and “In The Name Of Honor”.

7- Andrew Vachss

Andrew Vachss

Andrew Henry Vachss is an American author and child protection consultant. He has written 33 novels as well as song lyrics, graphic novels and poetry. His most famous work is “Burke series” consisting of 18 novels. The last one in the series was “Another Life” published in 2008.

8- Lee Child (Jim Grant)

Lee Child

Jim Grant known globally by his pen name Lee Child is a British thriller writer who has written many novels including Killing Floor, his first novel winning Anthony Award for Best First Novel. His series of novels featuring Jack Reacher, a former American military policeman wandering around the United States has won him fame globally. His famous novels include Killing Floor, Die Trying, Tripwire, The Visitor, Persuader, Personal, Make Me and many others. If you are a fan of Lee Child, you might like the following authors similar to Lee Child.

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