Top 7 Authors Like Hunter S. Thompson

Hunter Stockton Thompson is an American author, well-known for his book ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’. He also was a journalist and is considered the creator of Gonzo journalism. He committed suicide in 2005. He was one of a kind and no one is similar to him but some authors sharing some type of similarity to Hunter S. Thompson or are connected in some way to Gonzo journalism are listed below.

1- Tom Wolfe

Tom Wolfe

Tom Wolfe has a PhD in American Studies. His early life was spent as a reporter for Washington Post. His free-association and onomatopoetic style became his trademark in his books later on. ‘The Electric Koolaid Acid Test’, ‘The Right Stuff’ and ‘The Bonfire of the Vanities’ are some of the books in which he delves into the inner working of mind and unconscious decisions made by people in their life. He is among the founding members of the New Journalism movement during 1960s and 1970s.

2- Charles Bowden

Charles Bowden

Charles Bowden’s journalism work appears frequently in Harper’s GQ and other such national publications. He has authored various books in non-fiction genre including ‘Down by the River’. Majority of his books and articles are groundbreaking in nature. Some of his famous books include ‘Down by the River: Drugs, Money, Murder, and Family’, ‘Blood Orchid: An Unnatural History of America’ and ‘Blue Desert’.

3- Alexander Cockburn

Alexander Cockburn

He was born and brought up in Scotland, United Kingdom but was living and working in USA since 1972. He was a political journalist who together with Jeffrey St. Clair used to edit political newsletter CounterPunch. He also used to write the column ‘Beat the Devil’ for The Nation. Syndicated by Creators Syndicate, he also wrote weekly syndicate columns for the Los Angeles Times and The First Post. He died on July 21, 2012. He is author of famous political books like ‘Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs and the Press’, ‘The Politics of Anti-Semitism’, and ‘Corruption of Empire: Life Studies and the Reagan Era’.

4- Ralph Steadman


Ralph Steadman

Steadman is an English cartoonist and caricaturist born in Cheshire and grew up in North Wales. He has been doing freelance work for the Daily Telegraph, The New York Times and Rolling Stone. His political and social caricatures are very famous. He has a huge number of illustration books and has won numerous awards for his work. He had a long partnership with Hunter S. Thompson as he has drawn pictures for several of his books and articles. His famous books include ‘Gonzo: The Art’, ‘The Joke’s Over: Ralph Steadman on Hunter S. Thompson’, ‘Sigmund Freud’, and ‘America’.

5- Monica Drake

Monica Drake

Born in 1967, Monica is a fiction writer well-known for her novels ‘Clown Girl’ and ‘The Stud Book’. Clown Girl was finalist in 2007 for Ken Kesey Award and also appeared on Top Ten listings in Seattle Post-Intelligencer and The Oregonian newspapers. Currently she is living with her husband Kassten Alonso and daughter in Portland, Oregon.

6- Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain has hosted popular television show ‘No Reservations’ and is the contributing authority for Food Arts Magazine. His work has appeared in NY Times and he is the author of mega-bestsellers ‘Kitchen Confidential’ and ‘A Cook’s Tour’. Other of his famous novels are ‘Bone in the Throat’ and ‘Gone Bamboo’.

7- William McKeen

William Mckeen

William Mckeen chairs the department of journalism at Boston University. He has written books like ‘Mile Marker Zero’, ‘Outlaw Journalist’, ‘Highway 61’ and ‘Rock and Roll is Here to Stay’.

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