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When it comes to romance, affection and love than the name of Susan Elizabeth Phillips also comes into mind. Susan Elizabeth Phillips is an American romance novelist. Romance and love story readers read her novel because of her great sense of humor and good love story. A tear, a laugh, a sigh and a sense of recognition…that is what she writes. She is the only romance novelist who holds the record of five-time winner of the “Romance Writers of America Favorite Book of the Year Award”. If you like Phillips then you must read these authors as well who have same pitch and line of story as Phillips have.

  1. Lorraine Heath:

lorraine heath authorFirst author that is like Susan Elizabeth Phillips is Lorraine Heath. Heath is best known for containing soft spot for romantic and emotional love story. According to Publishers Weekly review: “Heath excels at writing passionate, romantic tension, and this emotional page-turner showcases her stunning ability to delve into the characters’ innermost souls.” Heath is the author of 51 books. ‘In Bed with the Devil’ is the great book of her writing career.

  1. Linda Howard:

Linda HowardLinda Howard is an author who has a good hand on writing suspense, fantastic faction, and love stories at the same time. She is from Untied States and an American bestselling writer. Howard is writing since 1982. During her 23 years of writing career, penned down bestselling novels that includes ‘Shadow Woman’, ‘Up Close and Dangerous’, ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’, ‘Kill and Tell’, ‘Now You See Her’ and most demanded ‘Mr. Perfect’. In 2005, she was awarded with the award of “Romance Writers of America”.

  1. Elizabeth Bevarly:

Elizabeth BevarlyNext author that may be regarded as the second face of Susan Elizabeth Phillips is Elizabeth Bevarly. Bevarly is the author of over seventy romantic novels and novellas, all are award winning and on the list of the New York Times Bestselling. She is the author who has the record of getting published her books in over 25 international languages in 40 countries of the world. She is writing since 1989. ‘From Here to Maternity Series’, ‘That Boss of Mine’, ‘Jake’s Christmas’, and ‘Destinations South’ are the career best novels of Bevarly.

  1. Carly Phillips:

Carly PhillipsThe reader who likes Susan Elizabeth Phillips also like to read the novels and books of Carly Phillips. Carly Phillips is an American romance and fantastic faction storyteller. Over twenty three love stories and romance novels of Phillips have been listed in the list of the New York Times Bestselling. ‘Hot Number’ is the most popular novel of Phillips. She has achieved five career best achievement award for romance, great story plot, excellent work, and bestselling author. She is writing since 1998.

  1. Rachel Gibson:

Rachel GibsonNext author that is like Susan Elizabeth Phillips is Rachel Gibson. She is American contemporary romance novelist. She is among those few lucky authors whose first novel made the place in the list of the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors. It was her first novel, Simply Irresistible, that had made the place in both newspapers. Moreover, her first published novel has also won over three international recognition awards for Best Contemporary Novelist, Best Romantic Comedy, and Best Author.

  1. Jennifer Crusie:

Jennifer CrusieThose who have read Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Jennifer Cruise must also read the Jennifer Crusie who has a good hand on writing contemporary romance novels with a great sense of humor. Jennifer Crusie is from America and is also a bestselling and award winning contemporary romance novelists. She has written over twenty novels that have been published in over 20 countries. ‘Bet Me’ and ‘Getting Rid of Bradley’ are the career best novels of Crusie. She has won two time Romance Writer of America award. She is writing since 1992.

  1. Erin McCarthy:

erin mccarthy authorErin McCarthy is a young American author who has got fame in very early age of her writing profession. Erin McCarthy is best known for writing on teen fiction, new adult, and adult romance topics. She is among the list of both the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors. Her novels are full with sizzling hot, jam-packed snappy dialogue, and emotional intensity. ‘Flat-Out Sexy’ is one of the bold romance novels of McCarthy.

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