Best 7 Authors Like David Baldacci

First novel published in 1996 by David Baldacci was ‘Absolute Power’ that has been adapted for a motion picture starred and directed by Clint Eastwood. David has published 30 adult novels till yet and each of these novels is an international bestseller, sold in over 80 countries and translated into more than 45 languages. Several of them have been film and television adaptations. Authors similar to David Baldacci in one way or another are listed below.

1- Nelson Richard DeMille

Nelson Richard DeMille

Nelson Richard DeMille served as a First Lieutenant in U.S Army and has received Air Medal, Bronze Star and Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry. Like army, he is quite a decorated author as well. He is member of ‘The Authors Guild, Mystery Writers of America and Mensa. He has three honorary doctorates from Hofstra University, Long Island University and Dowling College. ‘Rivers of Babylon’ was the first major novel published back in 1978 by Nelson and it is still in print. Some other novels by Nelson are ‘The Talbot Odyssey’, ‘Word of Honor’, ‘The Charm School’, ‘The General’s Daughter’ and ‘Wild Fire’.

2- Brad Meltzer

Brad Meltzer

Brad Meltzer has graduated from University of Michigan and Columbia Law School. ‘The Tenth Justice’ was his first published work that instantly became NY Times bestseller so as his all eight novels. His books are translated in over 25 different languages ranging from Bulgarian to Hebrew. His novel ‘The First Counsel’ is about a lawyer in White House who happens to be dating daughter of the President. ‘The Millionaires’ is about two brothers who are on the run after stealing money. ‘The Zero Game’ is all about couple of Congressional staffers gambling on Congress. His books spent more than 11 months on the bestseller lists.

3- Brad Thor

Brad Thor

Brad Thor is an American novelist who has written thriller novels such as ‘The Lions of Lucerne’, ‘Path of the Assassin’, ‘State of the Union’, ‘Blowback’, ‘The Last Patriot’ and ‘The Athena Project’. International Thriller Writers Association nominated his novel ‘The Last Patriot’ as ‘Best Thriller of the Year’. Before he started career as a novelist, he was creator, producer, writer and host of ‘Traveling Lite’, a national public television series.

4- Vince Flynn


Vince Flynn

Vince Flynn died on June 19, 2013 due to prostate cancer and started his working career as a sales marketing specialist. Later he applied for United States Marine Corps as an aviation candidate but was medically disqualified. He started writing in the day and worked in night as a bartender for almost five years with over sixty rejection letters before he went for self-publishing. His book ‘Term Limits’ hit the NY Times bestseller list. His ninth political thriller ‘Protect and Defend’ featured #1 on NY Times bestsellers in October 2007. ‘Transfer of Power’, ‘The Third Option’, ‘Executive Power’ and ‘Consent to Kill’ are some of his novels.

5- Steve Martini

Steve Martini

Steve Martini was born in San Francisco, California on 28th of February, 1946 and he is writer of legal thriller novels. He started his working career as a journalist and he was reporter for the Los Angeles Daily Journal. He got his law degree in 1974 from University of the Pacific and admitted to Bar in 1975. He spent many years practicing law on various public positions and also practiced law privately. He started his writing career in 1980s with ‘The Simeon Chamber’ as his first attempt got published in 1987 and he wrote many novels since then including ‘Compelling Evidence’, ‘Prime Witness’, ‘Undue Influence’, ‘The Judge’ and ‘The Attorney’.

6- Mark Greaney

Mark Greaney

Mark Greaney is best known for his collaborator role with Tom Clancy in his final three books and after Clancy passed away, he continued the character of Jack Ryan. Nine of his novels are published including four in Gray Man series. Fifth Gray Man series novel titled ‘Back Blast’ is expected in 2016.

7- Daniel Silva

Daniel Silva

Daniel Silva started as a journalist covering Iran-Iraq war along with terrorism and political conflicts for United Press International (UPI). After that he moved to CNN and 1994 he started to write his first novel ‘The Unlikely Spy’ and in 1997 he started working as a full time writer with all his books appearing on NY Times bestseller lists and translated into 25 different languages across the globe.

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