Best 6 More Authors Like Stephen King

Who is not familiar with the great American author Stephen King? A legendary author who is considered as the uncrown king of writing supernatural fiction, crime fiction, thriller, suspense science fiction, contemporary horrors and fantasy novels. Stephen King has received over twelve international awards for his creative work and captivating storytelling style. He is the author of over 1,117 books and novels. ‘The Shining’ is his most popular book. It was very hard to sort out the author that are like Stephen King, however, following are the similar author that can treated like as Stephen King.

  1. Dean Koontz:

Dean KoontzDean Koontz is first author in the list whose novels are regarded as suspense, thrillers and that includes the touch of horror, mystery, horror, science fiction, and satire. His dozens of books have been listed in the New York Times Bestseller List. Over 450 million copies of 375 books and novels of Dean Koontz have been sold till now. According to the New York Times, his writing is “psychologically complex, masterly and satisfying.” Odd Thomas, Hideaway, Intensity, Demon Seed, The Face of Fear, Phantoms, and Lightening are the most famous books of Koontz.

  1. Ray Bradbury:

Ray BradburyNext second version of Stephen King is Ray Bradbury. Bradbury was an America author best known for his novel ‘Fahrenheit 451’, ‘The Martian Chronicles’, and ‘The Illustrated Man’. Bradbury was the king of writers of his era. He was expert in writing on fantasy, mystery fiction, science fiction and horror topics. Besides paperwork, his work have been adapted into TV shows, movies, comic books and many screenplays, including ‘It Came from Outer Space’ and ‘Moby Dick’.

  1. Robert Bloch:

Robert BlochFirst it was looking hard to find the author like Stephen King. But there are many legendary authors that are surely like Robert Bloch. Robert Bloch was such an author whose work is resemble with the work of Stephen King. Bloch was a classic American fiction writer. He mostly wrote on crime, fantasy, science fiction, and horror stories. Psycho Series (Psycho, Psycho II, and Psycho House), American Gothic, and Firebug were the notable works of Bloch. After Stephen King, you must read the books of Bloch.

  1. Clive Barker:

Clive BarkerClive barker – an English writer and film director – known for his great hand on science fiction, horror, crime and fantasy books. 1980s was the golden period of Barker when his short stories series titled ‘Books of Blood’ had grabbed the title of Young Horror Writer for him. Abarat Volumes IV & V, Black Is The Devil’s Rainbow, Dollie, A Night’s Work, The Art, Cabal 2 & 3, Thief of Always , and The Enormous Book shows the creative, mind blowing and thrilling work of Clive Barker.

  1. Richard Matheson:

Richard MathesonNext writer that is the copy of Stephen King was a classic American author Richard Matheson. He was best known as a screenwriter and author of fantasy science fiction genres and fantasy writing. ‘I Am Legend (1954)’ is the most popular and career best novel of Richard Matheson that has been four times adapted for the screen. Moreover, his six short stories have been adapted for leading motion pictures that includes ‘Big Time Return’, ‘What Dreams May Come’, ‘Hell House’, ‘Button Button’ and ‘The Shrinking Man’.

  1. Robin Furth:

Robin FurthThe reason behind including the Robin Furth in the list is that she the personal research assistant to Stephen King. She is the author of Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower: A Complete Concordance”. She has worked as a King’s personal research assistant for over five years. She has also plotted the map of comic book spin-off miniseries “The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born” that regarded as a counterpart series of novels penned by Stephen king. Surely, she is the author that is like Stephen King.

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