8 Authors Similar to Lani Lynn Vale

Lani Lynn Vale is a bestselling writer of romantic and contemporary suspense and knows how to deal with romance. Center Mass is the best novel of her career that describe the story of a person landed into small town and there is one thing in his mind to totally forget about each and everything. Most of the novels written by Lani Lynn Vale are for young adults only.

Lani Lynn Vale Bestselling Books

  • Center Mass
  • Double Tap
  • Lights to My Siren
  • Bang Switch
  • Keys To my Cuffs

1. Susan Fanetti

Susan Fanetti who tried to make the name in fantasy and science fiction but has made the home in romance topics. It is better to say, she is the professional crafter and master of the loves stories. According to her own statement, Susan Fanetti tries other genres as well but has found love and romance the best field to represent.

Susan Fanetti Bestselling Books

  • Move the Sun
  • Behold the Stars
  • Into the Storm
  • All the Sky
  • Alone on Earth
  • In Dark Woods
  • Show the Fire

2. Chelsea Camaron

Chelsea Camaron is a USA bestselling author and the author of famous novel One Ride. This lady who is filled with big imagination and romance, Chelsea Camaron writes on erotic suspense, romance, and psychological thrillers. She loves to paint those heroes in her novels that are smoke jumpers, OIL RIGGERS, bar owners and are hard and harder as much she can paint.

Chelsea Camaron Bestselling Books

  • One Ride
  • Ice
  • Hendrix
  • Forever Ride
  • Merciless Ride
  • Innocent Ride

3. Bijou Hunter

Bijou Hunter is a famous novelist of contemporary, suspense and romance thriller. Damage series is one of the best works of Bijou Hunter that covers the romantic suspense, new adult, and contemporary arts at the same time. Then comes the Little Memphis MC series that is the other masterpiece of Bijou Hunter. Romance and romance are the theme line of her work.

Bijou Hunter Bestselling Books

  • Damaged and the Beast
  • Damaged and the Knight
  • Damaged and the Outlaw
  • Damaged and the Cobra
  • Little Memphis

4. Norma Jeanne Karlsson

Norma Jeanne Karlsson is one of the most acclaimed authors and is the author of critically acclaimed Blackness Series. While reading the books of Norma Jeanne Karlsson, you will force to say what a book, romance, drama, mystery, and suspense that Norma Jeanne Karlsson has rolled up in one package. Her stories covered the wonderful topics in a single pack.


Norma Jeanne Karlsson Bestselling Books

  • Mugs of Love
  • Blackness Takes Over
  • Blackness Awaits
  • Shrouded in Blackness
  • Into the Blackness
  • Escaping the Blackness
  • Misunderstood Miracles

5. A.J. Downey

A.J. Downey is the author of Shattered & Scared. The books and novels of A.J. Downey depict the real life experience of the people. A.J. Downey novels will keep you entertained, and once you fall in love with the stories, you will wait for what next in her series. Rather than forcing you to expect what is coming next, A.J. Downey will take you in her own way of telling journey.

A.J. Downey Bestselling Books

  • Shattered and Sacred
  • Broken & Burned
  • Cracked & Crushed
  • Tattered & Torn
  • Damaged & Dangerous

6. Maryann Jordan

Books and novels are means to finding an escape way from the real life and poke into the life of others. Most of the readers like to read romantic and love stories. Right, here we have an author named Maryann Jordan who is best known for writing in the style of readers. You will like the work of Maryann Jordan.

Maryann Jordan Bestselling Books

  • Gabe
  • Tony
  • Vinny
  • Jobe
  • Love’s Tempting
  • Love’s Taming

7. Lila Rose

Lila Rose loves to write romance but not simple romance; rather it is a humorous romance that she is addicted to writing about. At first, you will consider her novels weird, but as you will enter into the story, you will come to know about the new style of writing.

Lila Rose Bestselling Books

  • Holding Out
  • Black Out
  • No Way Out
  • Finding Out
  • The Secret’s Out

8. J.C. Wilder

J.C. Wilder left the world astonished with the novel Kissing Cowboy that represents a fictional character. The famous series by J.C. Wilder are Jane Porter Series, Men of S.W.A.T, Paradox, Shadow Dwellers, Southern Submissive and The Coven. J.C. Wilder is the author of thirty-two books in which Kissing Cowboy is the most popular one.

J.C. Wilder Bestselling Books

  • Kissing Cowboy
  • Tactical Pleasure
  • Tactical Maneuver
  • Loving Ranger
  • Tempt Not the Cat
  • Shadow Dwellers

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