7 More Authors like Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen is an American realistic fiction author for young adult literature. In her 21 years of writing careers, she has written many books and novels on young adult that includes: ‘That Summer’ (her first novel), ‘Someone Like You’, ‘Keeping the Moon’, ‘Dreamland’, ‘This Lullaby’, ‘The Moon’ and More Along for the Ride and the most popular Just Listen. If you like Sarah Dessen then you must be familiar with the below mentioned similar authors who have the same line of writing as Sarah Dessen has. Below is the list of authors similar to Sarah Dessen in some way:

  1. Meg Cabot:

Meg CabotMeg Cabot is an American author who is the name of romance, chick-lit, mystery, paranormal fiction and young adult stories. Over 50 fifty books are on the record of Cabot. She is the author of most popular novel series ‘Princess Diaries’ that have been adapted for two hit movies as well. Here readers are waiting for her next novel that will be published by the title of ‘The Boy is Back’ in 2016. Other notable books and novels of Cabot includes: ‘The Mediator series’, ‘All American Girl Series’, ‘Avalon High series’, ‘Teen Idol’, ‘How to Be Popular’ and ‘Jinx’.

  1. Lauren Barnholdt:

Lauren BarnholdtAn author who is expertise in writing on children, young adults and adolescents is no one except Lauren Barnholdt an American author. She is the author of many popular teen novels that includes: ‘The Thing About the Truth’, ‘One Night That Changes Everything’, ‘Right of Way’, ‘Watch Me’, ‘Two-way Street’, and ‘Sometimes It Happens’. She has also wrote many middle grade novels that are: ‘The Secret Identity of Devon Delaney’, ‘Four Truth and a Life’, ‘Fake Me a Match’, ‘Rules for Secret-Keeping’, and most popular young adult series, ‘Girl Meets Ghost’.

  1. Kate Brian:

Kate BrianAn author who is not much experienced as Sarah Dessen but holds the same command of writing and style as Sarah Dessen has. She is Kate Brian from America who have just 12 years of writing experience as compare to 21 of Sarah Dessen. But in her 12 years, she gives the world the USA Today and the New York Times Bestselling books like ‘The Princess and the Pauper’, ‘Megan Meade’s Guide to the McGowan Boys’, ‘The Private Series’, ‘Sweet 16’, the boldest novel ‘The Virginity Club’, ‘I Was a Non-Blonde Cheerleader’, and ‘Brunettes Strike Back’. When it is about adult content, she hides nothing from her readers.

  1. Megan McCafferty:

Megan McCaffertyThose who have not read Jessica Darling series must read it first in order to familiar with Megan McCafferty. After reading this award winning young adult novel, you have to decide yourself either she is like Sarah Dessen or not. McCafferty is writing since 2001. In her 14 years of writing career, she has deployed the same writing style of Sarah Dessen. For her creative writing and best story plot, American Library Association and the New York Public Library has get translated her many fiction and non-fiction anthologies into eleven languages that is an honor for an author.

  1. Deb Caletti:

Deb CalettiDeb Caletti is a young adult and adult fiction author who is known for writing on difficult teens and adults issues typically reserved for adult fiction. When it is about adult content, she is very open for her readers. She debuted in 2013 from ‘He’s Gone’ that was regarded as the most romantic books of the year. She has hardly four years of writing experience and keeping in view her work, National Book Award judges remarked: “Through prose fresh and quirky, multi-generational characters leave readers laughing through tears.”

  1. Simon Elkeles:

Simon ElkelesNext author that is like Sarah Dessen is Simon Elkeles. She is from America and known for her writing about young-adult fiction, romance, and teen romance. ‘Perfect Chemistry Trilogy’ and ‘How to Ruin Trilogy’ are the best novels of Elkeles. Those who are familiar with Sarah Dessen, Kate Brian and Deb Caletti must read the novels of Elkeles. For her creative work, she has been included in the YALSA Top Ten Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers and has been named for YALSA Popular Paperbacks and Teens Top Ten lists.

  1. Elizabeth Scott:

Elizabeth ScottAlthough Elizabeth Scott is like Sarah Dessen but she herself is impressed from the work of Judy Blume and believed that the work of Judy Blume is speechless. According to Scoot, true books are those that really speak to the reader and that’s why she adopts those writing styles that are in line with the mind of readers. She only know about writing young adult contents and discussing romance. She says, young adult books hold a very special place in her heart. She is the author of ‘Bloom’, ‘Perfect You’, ‘Love You Hate You Miss You’, ‘The Unwritten Rule’ and ten other novels.

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