7 More Authors Like Heather Graham

Heather Graham has majored in theater arts from University of South Florida and she is USA Today and New York Times bestselling author. After the birth of her third child she stayed home and started to write short horror stories and romances. In 1982, she sold her first book ‘When Next We Love’ and she has never looked back since then. She has also published as Heather Graham Pozzessere and Shannon Drake and has really shined in genres like Mystery & Thrillers, Romance and Historical Fiction. Some authors similar to Heather Graham are listed below.

1- Kat Martin

Kathleen Kelly Martin

Kathleen Kelly Martin is an American author having earned a degree in Anthropology was a real estate broker when Larry Jay Martin asked her to read manuscript of an unpublished book he had written. Kat fell in love with Larry and the book. She later married Larry and tried her own hand at writing and soon became a full time writer. Over 11 million copies of her books are sold till yet in seventeen different countries. When she and her husband are not writing, they enjoy skiing and travelling. Europe is their favorite place.

2- Christina Skye

Christina Skye

Christina Skye has authored more than 20 USA Today bestselling romance novels translated into 8 different languages. She uses her name Roberta Helmer to write about Chinese art and culture. She has earned a doctorate in classical Chinese literature at Ohio State University. She can speak Chinese, Japanese and French fluently. At National Geographic Society and the American Museum of Natural History, she has worked as a translator and as consultant.

3- Brenda Novak

Brenda Novak

Brenda Novak started her career as a bestselling author in a shocking way. She caught her daycare provider using cough syrup and Tylenol to get her children sleep while she was away for her job and this is when she decided that she needs to do something from home. She had no connection to writing and she was into business and real estate. She took five years to learn becoming a novelist and finally her first book got published. Some of her books are ‘Of Noble Birth’, ‘Through the Smoke’, ‘Honor Bound’ and ‘A Matter of Grave Concern’.

4- Lisa Renee Jones


Lisa Renee Jones

Lisa has authored the ‘Inside Out Series’ that has been developed into ‘Alice in Wonderland’ TV series. Another one of her famous series is ‘Tall, Dark and Deadly’ that has ruled New York Times and USA Today’s lists for weeks. Since 2007 she has published over 40 books and she is already compared with Julie Garwood and Suzanne Brockmann. She owned multi-state staffing before she began her publishing career.

5- Stella Cameron

Stella Cameron

Stella Cameron is a British author having been featured as a bestselling author on NY Times and USA Today. Over 14 million copies of her books in print, she is currently busy with her independently publishing novel ‘Cold’, a critically acclaimed mystery series. She is currently living with her husband in Washington.

6- Allison Brennan

Allison Brennan

Allison Brennan is an American NY Times bestselling author having authored more than 20 thriller and romance novels. She is called ‘a master of suspense’ in RT Book Reviews. She has been nominated for RWA’s Best Romantic Suspense award on numerous occasions. She currently lives in Sacramento, California along with her husband and 5 children.

7- Karen Harper

Karen Harper

Former college English instructor, Karen Harper is a NY Times and USA Today’s bestselling author. She uses her knowledge of Midwest and Southeast to her advantage in her historical-mystery novels along with British Isles while writing novels about real and dynamic British women. She has won Mary Higgins Clark Award in 2005 and her books are published in various languages of the world. Some of her books include ‘The First Princess of Wales’, ‘The Queen’s Governess’, ‘The Last Boleyn’, ‘Mistress Shakespeare’ and ‘The Irish Princess’.

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