7 More Authors like Harlan Coben

Harlan Coben is a renowned American author of suspense, thrillers, and mystery novels. Harlan Coben is not an ordinary suspense author. He is master in dealing with various plot in one story that’s why his readers called him the story twist master. Unresolved and misinterpreted events are the base of his most of stories. Around 60 million copies of his dozens of books in 43 international languages have been published so far globally. His last consecutive novels namely, ‘Missing You’, ‘Six Years’, ‘Stay Close’, ‘Live Wire’, ‘Caught’, ‘Long Lost’, and ‘Hold Tight’ all ranked number one on the New York Times Bestseller list. He is writing since 1990 and The Stanger is the hallmark of his writing career.

  1. Michael Connelly:

Michael ConnellyMichael Connelly is an American novelist best known for writing detective, suspense, and crime fictions novels. His first novel, ‘The Black Echo’ that was based on the true crime event that had occurred in Los Angeles, was published in 1991 and won the “Edgar Award for Best First Novel” by the “Mystery Writers of America.” After that his other books, ‘The Black Ice’, ‘The Concrete Blonde’ and ‘The Last Coyote ‘totally shattered the mind of suspense novels readers. He remained the President of the “Mystery Writers of America” during 2003-04.

  1. Jonathan Kellerman:

Jonathan KellermanNext author that is the second copy of Harlan Coben is Jonathan Kellerman. Kellerman is a psychologist and suspense novelist. He is expert in writing razor-sharp novels that at once cut to quick his readers. ‘When The Bough Breaks’ was the debut novel of his writing career. That novel got various critical and commercial success and also became a New York Times Bestseller. That was a milestone of her writing career. Kellerman is writing bestselling crime fiction and thrilling novels since 1985.

  1. Ken Bruen:

Galway is one one of the safest cities Ive ever lived in . Violent crime is such a rarity it attracts massive attention. In Ken Bruens world it happens on a regular basis.His Jack Taylor series has received massive acclaim and he is probably Irelands finest and well known crime writer.His life has been just as fantastic as his novels leading him all over the world.He still calls Galway Home

First writer that is like Harlan Coben but is not from America. He is Ken Bruen from Ireland. Bruen has expertise on writing hard-boiled, thrillers, and noir crime fiction novels. He is the literacy circle fellow of great authors Jason Starr, Allan Guthrie, and Reed Farrel Coleman. World’s leading suspense and mystery books ‘White Trilogy’ and ‘The Guards’ are written by Bruen. The Guards is a Shamus Award winning novel of Bruen. Other notable works of Bruen includes: ‘The Killing of the Tinkers’, ‘The Magdalen Martyrs’, ‘The Dramatist’ and ‘Priest’, and ‘Shades of Grace’.

  1. David Baldacci:

David BaldacciDavid Baldacci is an American suspense, crime faction, and detective novelist. Baldacci is among those lucky authors who have the record of national and international bestsellers. Over 110 million copies of thirty novels of Baldacci have been published till now in 45 international languages and sold in over 80 countries. Many of his novels have been adapted for TV serials and movies. ‘Absolute Power’, ‘The Finisher (for children)’, ‘The 39 Clues’ and ‘The Camel Club’ series are the prominent novels of Baldacci.

  1. Gregg Hurwitz:

Gregg HurwitzGregg Hurwitz is a young American author of comic books, crime fiction, and suspense novels. He is the author of over 15 thrillers and all have been selected for the New York Times Bestselling. Moreover, many of his novels have been selected for many literary award, and have been translated into 20 international languages as well. Notable novels of Gregg Hurwitz are: ‘Batman: The Dark Knight’, ‘Foolkiller: White Angels’, ‘Penguin: Pain and Prejudice’, and ‘Punisher’.

  1. Robert Crais:

Robert CraisRobert Crais is another author that is like Harlan Coben. Crais is an American author of crime faction, suspense, mystery and detective fiction. He is the author who kicked off his career by writing scripts for TV shows and is now the USA Today and the New York Times Bestsellers. He usually writes on the style of John Steinbeck, Dashiell Hammett, Robert B. Parker, and Raymond Chandler. Crais has won over seven awards for Best Paperback, Best Novel, and Best Thriller, and Best Hardcover P.I. Novel.

  1. Hilary Mantel:

Hilary MantelHilary Mantel is an English author who writes historical fiction, crime fiction, and thrillers. Notable novels of Mantel are: ‘Wolf Hall’, ‘Bring Up the Bodies’, ‘A Place of Greater Safety’, ‘Beyond Black’, and the ‘Giving up the Ghost’. She has received two time Man Booker Prize for Bestselling for her novels Wolf Hall, and its Sequel, Bring Up the Bodies. She is the first woman author who has twice received the award of Man Booker Prize for Bestselling. Those who likes Harlan Coben must read her novels.

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  1. My lifelong career as a verbatim stenographic reporter involved writing live testimony and producing large quantities of double-spaced pages of transcript each day, allowing little time to enjoy a good novel. Since retiring and discovering Michael Connelly’s Mickey Haller/Bosch novels, I find I cannot put the books down , reading cover-to-cover in a short time. I never knew what I was missing. I plan to delve into Harlan Coben’s works, as well as works by the other five like authors. Thank you for this great list of future enjoyable reading.

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