7 Authors Like Vince Flynn

Vince Flynn was an American author of political thriller novels surrounding the story of the fictional assassin Mitch Rapp. He also served as a story consultant for the fifth season of the television series 24. After college he went to work for Kraft General Foods where he was an account and sales marketing specialist. In 1990 he left Kraft to accept an aviation candidate slot with the United States Marine Corps. One week before leaving for Officers Candidate School, he was medically disqualified from the Marine Aviation Program, due to several concussions and convulsive seizures he suffered growing up. While trying to obtain a medical waiver for his condition, he started thinking about writing a book. This was a very unusual choice for Flynn since he had been diagnosed with dyslexia in grade school and had struggled with reading and writing all his life.

Popular Books by Vince” Flynn:
Transfer of Power 1999, Kill Shot 2012, Consent to Kill 2005, Separation of Power 2001 and Executive Power 2003

    William Edmund

    William Edmund Butterworth III, better known by his pen name W. E. B. Griffin, is a writer of military and detective fiction with 38 novels in six series published under that name. W.E.B. Griffin is the #1 best-selling author of more than fifty epic novels in seven series, all of which have made The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly, and other best-seller lists. More than fifty million of the books are in print in more than ten languages, including Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, and Hungarian. Mr. Griffin grew up in the suburbs of New York City and Philadelphia. He enlisted in the United States Army in 1946. After basic training, he received counterintelligence training at Fort Holabird, Maryland.

    Popular Books by William Edmund:
    Curtain of Death 2016, In danger’s path 1998, Behind the lines 1995, By order of the President 2004 and The Lieutenants 1982

    W.E.B. Griffin

    Better known by his nom de plume W. E. B. Griffin, is an essayist of military and investigator fiction with 38 books in six series distributed under that name. He has likewise distributed under 11 different nom de plumes three adaptations of his actual name. Griffin’s learning of military language and managerial written work style indicates when anecdotal requests and dispatches are consolidated in his books. Large portions of his characters must fight formality and bureaucratic mistakes; now and then make diverting end-circles the framework.

    Ben Coes

    Ben Coes is a New York Times best-selling author of international political thriller and espionage novels. He lives with his wife and four children in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Coes’s novels feature Dewey Andreas, a former member of U.S. Special Forces 1st SFOD-D, also known as Delta Force. Coes has called his books “reality-based,” drawing upon his early career at the White House and in finance. Coes has credited his godfather, a former member of the U.S. Navy SEALs, with influencing the often violent, brutally realistic plots of his novels.

    Popular Books by Ben Coes:
    Eye for an Eye 2013, Power Down 2010, Coup D’Etat 2011 and Independence Day 2015

    Daniel Silva

    Daniel Silva was born in Michigan in 1960 and raised in California where he received his BA from Fresno State. Silva began his writing career as a journalist for United Press International (UPI), traveling in the Middle East and covering the Iran-Iraq war, terrorism and political conflicts. From UPI he moved to CNN, where he eventually became executive producer of its Washington-based public policy programming. In 1994 he began work on his first novel, The Unlikely Spy, a surprise best seller that won critical acclaim. He turned to writing full time in 1997 and all of his books have been New York Times/national best sellers, translated into 25 languages and published across Europe and the world. He lives in Washington, D.C.

    Popular Books by Daniel Silva:
    The Black Widow 2016, The Kill Artist 2000, The English Girl 2013, The English Spy 2015 and House of Spies 2017

    Brad Thor

    Brad Thor is an American thriller writer, writer of The Lions of Lucerne, Path of the Assassin, State of the Union, Blowback, Takedown, The First Commandment, The Last Patriot, The Apostle, Foreign Influence, The Athena Project, Full Black, and Black List, Hidden Order, Act of War and Code of Conduct. Thor’s books have been distributed in nations around the globe. He additionally contributed a short story entitled The Athens Solution to the James Patterson-altered collection, Thriller. Thor additionally shows up on Fox News and The Blaze.

    David Baldacci

    David Baldacci is one of the best thriller and children literature novelist from America who has been writing since 1996. Almost thirty best-selling novels are at the record of David Baldacci in which the notable one is Absolute Power that was adapted for the movie of Gene Hackman, Ed Harris and Clint Eastwood with the same name. Most of his work has been translated into almost forty-five international languages. Up to now, almost 110 million copies of his multiple novels have been printed and sold in almost eighty countries across the globe.


    DALTON FURY was the senior ranking military officer at the Battle of Tora Bora. As a Delta troop commander he led ninety-one other Western special operations commandos and support personnel and helped author the operation to hunt and kill bin Laden. He told his tale of that mission in the book, “Kill Bin Laden”, which went on to become a national bestseller. “Every one of us was dubbed persona non grata by our former organization,” Greer told U.S. News in 2015. “To some, that doesn’t mean squat. To others, it can be pretty painful as you lose a lot of close friends.”

    Popular Books by DALTON FURY :
    Kill Bin Laden 2008, Tier One Wild 2012, One Killer Force 2015, Black Site 2012 and Full Assault Mode 2014

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