6 More Similar Authors like Lee Child

Jim Grant known globally by his pen name Lee Child is a British thriller writer who has written many novels including Killing Floor, his first novel winning Anthony Award for Best First Novel. His series of novels featuring Jack Reacher, a former American military policeman wandering around the United States has won him fame globally. His famous novels include Killing Floor, Die Trying, Tripwire, The Visitor, Persuader, Personal, Make Me and many others. If you are a fan of Lee Child, you might like the following authors similar to Lee Child.

1. Sidney Sheldon

Sidney Sheldon

Sidney Sheldon was an American writer who died back in 2007. He is the seventh bestselling fiction writer of all time. He has won many awards e.g. Academy Award for Writing Original Screenplay, The Bachelor and Bobby-Soxer, Tony Award, Emmy Award and many others. His famous novels include The Naked Face, The Other Side of Midnight, A Stranger in the Mirror, Bloodline, Rage of Angels, The Doomsday Conspiracy, The Sky is falling, Are You Afraid of the Dark? and many others. He died due to complications arising from pneumonia and just 12 days before 90th birthday. Remains of Sidney Sheldon were cremated and ashes were interred in Westwood village memorial park cemetery.

2. Jane Adams

Jane Adams

Jane Adams is a British writer, born in 1960 in Leicester and her first book “The Greenway” was nominated for John Creasey Award back in 1995. The Greenway was first book in Detective Mike Croft series followed by “Cast the First Stone”, “Fade to Grey” and “Final Frame”. Other series by Jane Adams features Sergeant Ray Flower, Naomi Blake and Rina Martin. Her standalone novels include Bird, Dangerous to Know and A Kiss Goodbye.

3. Steve Berry

Steve Berry


American author Steve Berry was born in 1955 and he is a professor and former attorney living in Florida. Steve Berry started his historical thriller journey with “The Amber Room” and “The Romanov Prophecy”. “The Lincoln Myth” is his latest novel released in May 2014. More than 18 million copies of his books are sold till yet and translated in 40 different languages. His books are sold in over 50 countries of the world.

4. Tom Cain

Tom Cain

Tom Cain is the pen name of David Thomas is an English journalist and author who was born in Moscow in 1959. He has published a series of thriller novels about a protagonist known as Samuel Carver. This series includes “The Accident Man”, “The Survivor”, “Assassin”, “Dictator”, “Carver” and “Revenger”.

5. William Garner

William Garner

William was born in Grimsby, England back in 1920 while he died in 2005. His Michael Jagger series include “Overkill”, “The Deep, Deep Freeze”, “The Us or Them War” and “A Big Enough Wreath”. His John Morpurgo trilogy had three novels “Think Big, Think Dirty”, “Rats’ Alley” and “Zones of Silence”. Some of his standalone novels are Sleeping Dogs, Paper Chase, A Mobius Trip, “Ditto, Brother Rat” and The Puppet-Masters.

6. Lisa Appignanesi

Lisa Appignanesi

Lisa is a British writer and novelist born in 1946 in Poland. She published a bestselling novel in 1991 titled “Memory and Desire”. “Freud’s Women” was published in 1992 with John Forrester as co-author. Some of her famous books include “The Things We Do for Love”, “Losing the Dead: A Family Memoir”, “The Dead of Winter” and “Fifty Shades of Feminism”.

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