10 Similar Authors like David Baldacci

David Baldacci is one of the best thriller and children literature novelist from America who has been writing since 1996. Almost thirty best-selling novels are at the record of David Baldacci in which the notable one is Absolute Power that was adapted for the movie of Gene Hackman, Ed Harris and Clint Eastwood with the same name. Most of his work has been translated into almost forty-five international languages. Up to now, almost 110 million copies of his multiple novels have been printed and sold in almost eighty countries across the globe.

David Baldacci’s Best Selling Novels

  • Absolute Power
  • The Camel Club Series
  • Sean King and Michelle Maxwell Series
  • John Puller Series
  • The Simple Truth

Here are those authors that are like David Baldacci:

1. Brad Meltzer


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He is the man who is really competing with David Baldacci by doing the greatest work. Also called as Brad only, Brad Meltzer is one of the best sellers in the United States. What makes Brad Meltzer different is that in addition to fiction and thriller topics, he worked a lot on non-fiction topics as well that’s why we can say it is one of the best authors like David Baldacci.

Brad Meltzer’s Best Selling Novels

  • The Inner Circle
  • The Book of Fate
  • The Tenth Justice
  • The First Counsel
  • History Decoded
  • I am Amelia Earhart

2. John Lescroart


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John Lescroart is simply one of the leading novelists in the genre of thrillers and mystery. From classic to the modern age, this old guy is the author of best novels. John Lescroart is best known for his creative work in crime thriller and legal based novels. Almost ten million copies of his novels have been sold so far. His eighteen books are on the list of the New York Times bestseller.

John Lescroart’s Best Selling Novels

  • The Thirteen Juror
  • The Hunt Club
  • Damage
  • Dead Irish
  • The Vig
  • Fatal
  • The Fall

3. Stephen Coonts


Short Profile

  • From: Buckhannon, The United States
  • Website: http://www.coonts.com/
  • Genre: Literature & Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers

Stephen Coonts is a man who is best known for his suspense work that he has shown in his almost eighty novels in which more than one and half dozen are best-selling novels. His first work Flight of the Intruder was declared as the New York Time bestseller and was adapted for a movie with the same name in 1991. Later on, he decided to work as a novelist only and continued work in adventure, thriller, mystery and suspense novels.

Stephen Coonts’s Bestselling Novels

  • Flight of the Intruder
  • The Intruders
  • Final Fight
  • Liberty’s Last Stand
  • Under Siege
  • The Red Horseman
  • Liars & Thieves

4. W.E.B. Griffin


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  • From: Newark, New Jersey, The United States
  • Website: http://www.webgriffin.com
  • Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Literature & Fiction, Historical Fiction

Here comes another author show it eh author of almost fifty epic best-selling novels in which seven series made the name in the Publishers Weekly, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Best Selling Lists. Almost fifty million copies of this books and novels have been printed and sold so far. These have also been translated into one dozen international languages as well.

W.E.B. Griffin’s Best Selling Novels

  • The Hostage
  • Semper Fi
  • By Order of the President
  • The Lieutenants
  • The Berets
  • Call to Arms

5. Stephen J. Cannell


This author was like David Baldacci because of his great work in suspense, thriller, and adventure. The fact is that he presented the ideas in these entire fields in the best way as compared to the Baldacci but also sharing the same themes with him like corruption and conspiracy.

Stephen J. Cannell’s Best Selling Novels

  • The Tin Collectors
  • King Con
  • The Viking Funeral
  • The Prostitutes
  • Cold Hit

6. Richard North Patterson



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Fiction, mystery, thriller and literature are the areas in which Richard North Patterson has earned a good fame and has produced the bestselling books as well. His novels will give you the touch of David Baldacci, but at the same time, you will enjoy his mastery work in fiction and literature that are his plus points.

Richard North Patterson’s Best Selling Novels

  • Degree of Guilt
  • Silent Witness
  • The Final Judgment
  • Eyes of a Child
  • Protect and Defend
  • Exile
  • No Safe Place

7. Nelson DeMille


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DeMille’s first significant novel was By the Rivers of Babylon, that got to publish in 1978, and is still in print just like all his succeeding books. He is leading member of American Mensa, The Authors Guild, and the former president of the Mystery Writers of America. He is likewise the leading member of International Thriller Writers and was picked as Thriller Master of the Year 2015.

Nelson DeMille’s Bestselling Novels

  • The General’s Daughter
  • Plum Island
  • The Charm School
  • The Lion’s Game
  • The Lion
  • Night Fall

8. Ian Caldwell


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  • From: The United States
  • Genre: Literature & Fiction

For those readers who loves to read the fast-paced and atmospheric suspense, content will surely like the work of Ian Caldwell. This man is an expert in writing suspense novels that feature the twisting plot and rich historical details at the same time. Maybe he forces you to forget about David Baldacci.

Ian Caldwell’s Bestselling Novels

  • The Rule of Four
  • The Fifth Gospel
  • Det Demte Evangelium
  • The Black Room Manuscripts

9. Kyle Mills


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One thing that is common in David Baldacci and Kyle Mills is that both of these authors have crafted conspiracy based stories full of suspense and mystery. In their writing, you will never guess about the characters who are trustful and where it will all lead.

Kyle Mills’s Bestselling Novels

  • The Ares Decision
  • Order to Kill
  • The Utopia Experiment
  • Rising Phoenix
  • Storming Heaven

10. Jeffrey Archer


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Those who are in the charm of David Baldacci will surely like what Jeffrey Archer is doing. His fast paced stories touch the elements of the political world as well. His stories are best known for twisted plots, manipulative characters and the fight between good and evils.

Jeffrey Archer’s Bestselling Books

  • Kane and Abel
  • Only Time Will Tell
  • Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less
  • The Sins of the Father
  • The Prodigal Daughter

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