10 Best Authors like Louise Doughty

Louise Doughty is an award-winning author of fourteen novels in which her most popular is Black Water. In addition to author and writer, she has also worked as broadcaster and journalist as well. Louise Doughty has got popularity because of her nonfiction work according to modern area. For this, she has received acclamation across the globe as well.

Louise Doughty Bestselling Novels

  • Dance With Me
  • Honey Dew
  • Fires in The Dark
  • Stone Cradle
  • Crazy Paving

1. Joanna Briscoe

If you have read Skin or Mothers and Other Lovers, then you must be familiar with Joanna Briscoe whose is known for writing both fiction and nonfiction novels. One of his novels Sleep With Me was adapted for ITV dramas as well. For her great work, she has been awarded Betty Trask Award.

Joanna Briscoe Bestselling Novels

  • Mothers and Other Lovers
  • Skin
  • Sleep With Me
  • You

2. Elizabeth George

American mystery writer Elizabeth George, circa 2000. Her best known character is the British detective Inspector Lynley. (Photo by Maureen Donaldson/Getty Images)

Elizabeth George is a mystery and science fiction novelist who has written almost seventy novels and short stories so far. This American-based novelist is best known for her mysterious series novel Inspector Thomas Lynely whose fifteen parts have been published so far. The first eleven parts of the series were adapted by the BBC in the serial The Inspector Lynely Mysteries.

Elizabeth George Bestselling Novels

  • Inspector Lynely Series
  • The Evidence Exposed
  • A Moment on the Edge
  • The Edge of Nowhere
  • Write way

3. Uri Orlev


Uri Orlev is an Israeli based award-winning writer who has write a lot of children topic regarding fiction and non-fiction. Most of his books have been translated into almost two dozen international languages. One of his books named The Island on Bird Street has been adapted for the play and as a film as well. Uri Orlev is writing since 1976.

Uri Orlev Bestselling Novels

  • The Island on Bird Street
  • Run, Boy, Run
  • Man from the Other Side
  • Lydia, Queen of Palestine
  • The Song of the Whales
  • The Lady with the Hat

4. Nancy Kress


For those who are familiar with Beggars in Spain must be familiar with the renowned novelist Nancy Kress who is the author of almost three hundred novels and short stories. Nancy Kress has a writing experience of fifty years, and in that period she has earned a good fame and name in science fiction writing. Nancy Kress has also won Nebula Award for Best Novella 2013.

Nancy Kress Bestselling Novels

  • Beggars and Choosers
  • Beginnings, Middles & Ends
  • After the Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall
  • Beggars Ride

5. Brigid Lowry


This lady knows better how to cook a good story. At the age of thirty-five, she started to write short fiction. It took the time to her to make a high profile in the society of writers. After giving masterpiece of Guitar Highway Rose, Brigid Lowry proved she is suitable to be listed in the best modern day novelist.


Brigid Lowry Bestselling Novels

  • Follow the Blue
  • With Lots of Love from Georgia
  • Things You Either Hate or Love
  • Triple Ripple: A Fabulous Fairytale

6. Jean Little


Jean Little has worked a lot in children’s literature. Two renowned autobiographies Stars Come Out Within and Little by Little are at the recognition of Jean Little. Most of her novels touch the disabilities and other sad events that are faced by the children. Those parents who need their children should read fiction and non-fiction will like the work of Jean Little.

Jean Little Bestselling Novels

  • Mine for Keeps
  • One to Grow On
  • Spring Begins in March
  • Different Dragons

7. Adam Thorpe

This British poet and novelist are best known for writing short stories on multiple topics. Although he started his career as an actor later on the move towards writing and make a name in nonfiction writing. One of his best masterpieces is On Silbury Hill that was described as a rich and evocative book of place.

Adam Thorpe Bestselling Novels

  • Ulverton
  • Pieces of Light
  • Nineteen Twenty One
  • No Telling
  • Between Each Breath

8. John E. Nevola


John E. Nevola is listed among the Amazon top ten bestselling novels. He is the writer of one of the most popular historical novels The Last Jump. This novel is about the historical event of World War II. The story of the book has been described as one of the great stories of war, love, and sacrifice that went to happen during WWII.

John E. Nevola Bestselling Novels

  • The Last Jump – A Novel of World War II
  • Revenge of the Pearl Harbor Survivors

9. Robert Elmer


Robert Elmer has written almost fifty novels on various topics relevant to youth. Those who like the limited work of Louise Doughty will surely like the work of Robert Elmer that he has summed up for the youth.

Robert Elmer Bestselling Novels

  • Wildflowers of Terezin
  • A Way Through The Sea
  • Beyond The River
  • Into the Flames
  • Far from the Storm
  • Promise Breaker

10. Andrew Miller


Born on April 29, 1960, Andrew Miller is an English novelist known for his work in fictional prose. His notable work includes Ingenious Pain, Casanova, Oxygen and The Optimists. For Ingenious Pain that got published in 1997, he has earned three awards for fiction.

Andrew Miller Bestselling Novels

  • Ingenious Pain
  • Casanova
  • Oxygen
  • The Optimists
  • One Morning Like a Bird

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